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SSI Schaefer R3000 - Modular Automotive Shelving

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Special automotive storage for body parts and difficult items such as windscreens, tyres, mufflers etc are also available. We could not have come up with a more flexible solution to suit changing storage requirements. Schaefer's multifunctional, R3000 modular, metric, flexible, shelving system is organised productivity like none other in the world. It is suitable for mezzanine, multi tier and high-rise storage applications. One system stores everything. It can be extended at a later date and is fully versatile.

Schaefer R3000 components are dimensionally compatible in height, width and depth to the shelving units, thus ensuring the highest possible storage density, with parts picking efficiency. Multi-tier shelving installations with mezzanines can be created using standardized components, thus optimising the storage capacity right up to the roof. Shelf and beam levels offer a wide variety of storage applications with a weight capacity ranging from 100kg to 400kg distributed loading per shelf.

Some of the features are:
• End frames are available with either open or closed construction with lugs pitched @ 53mm to support shelves without clips or bolts. Heights are suitable for 1, 2, 3 or 4 tier applications. Galvanised finish Back panels can be either solid metal, mesh or open as desired.
• Shelves are 994 and 1282 bay widths, with different capacities from 100 to 400kg and depths 300, 400, 500 and 600mm. Grey enamelled finish. Drop-in vertical dividers to subdivide shelf levels into pigeonholes for complete parts separation. The slots, in the shelf, retain these.
• Plastic containers Modular semi-open front plastic containers are available to store small loose items and exactly fit the shelves, without wasted space.
• Drawer units 100 or 200 high are available, for 994mm bay width only. Double swing doors, for 994mm bay widths.
• Lighting Modular plug-in ceiling mounted lighting systems
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SSI Schaefer R3000 - Modular Automotive Shelving



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